Elena Bostan

Marketing Strategist – Connecting Businesses with Customers

I work with businesses to identify the most efficient way to find and engage with their Ideal Customer.

For over 15 years I have successfully developed projects that generated a continuous flow of new Leads and delivered High Conversion rates. My experience is shaped around companies from IT&C, manufacturing, engineering sectors, service providers. I was able to dramatically improve business performance by delivering complete route-to-market projects that ensured business visibility and growth.

I have helped companies tripled the customer database, double the turnover or make significant cultural or business transformations.


Sales - Marketing Configuration

Lead Generation Strategy

Ideal Customer Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

Business Strategy

Digital Transformation

Value Proposition


Social Media Strategy

I work with both small and medium size organisation to increase their Visibility and to help them Identify and Engage with their Ideal Customers.

My profesional background:


During my MBA studies with Henley Business School, I focused on business optimisation output for commercial functions. I spent the last year of my program studying the way companies have configured the Sales and Marketing functions and the connection between this infrastructure and the Lead Generation and Conversion. I had the great opportunity to interact with over 100 companies and I am utilising the knowledge acquired during this process in developing and optimising the process to finding, engaging and converting new customers.


Adding a Digital Diploma developed by Google has allowed me to deliver complex digital marketing projects spanning over multiple channels like website, numerous social media networks and newsletters campaigns. I have delivered over 1000 technical catalogue requests and generated over 10k new business Leads in one year.

I have always accompanied the online presence with extensive projects that covered exhibitions, conferences, open house as I have managed over 100 events and generated thousands of technical leads.

Master of Business Administration

The Chartered Institute of Marketing

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