How to Find and Engage your Ideal Customers on LinkedIn

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I have created this course for the Service Providers, Entrepreneurs, the Coach and Trainers that aim to become visible and find customers without sounding like a wheeler-dealer aggressive sales person.


Online Course, Limited Availability


15 July – 11th August

What is it about:

How to Create a Customer-Centric Profile that speaks your brand
The right kind of engagement: Messages, Posts, Articles, Video
Social Selling – The art of conducting conversations with Your Ideal Customer

Why this course:
LinkedIn is currently the biggest platform for business professionals, decision-makers, entrepreneurs. Two professionals join LinkedIn every second.
The course starts on the 15th of July 2019, has four main modules and lasts for four weeks.
It is a guided process on how to leverage LinkedIn for Professional Branding and Customer Engagement.
Via the Customer Mapping exercise, I will teach you how to search for Your Ideal Customer.
Together we will make Social Selling about having the right conversations and not about one sales pitch after another.
By defining your Value Proposition, I will help you to find your voice and confidence to show up online via posts, articles, videos and messages with the relevant content that define you and your offering.
This course is about developing new habits and creating a clear plan for generating customers in only 15 minutes per day.

Create a Customer Centric Profile that speaks your brand

Develop a highly attractive Value Proposition


The right kind of engagement: Messages, Posts, Articles, Video

Social Selling - The art of conducting conversations with Your Ideal Customer

This course is for you if you are:

A coach that is focused on delivering value to busy, stressed or overwhelmed professionals
A business coach supporting businesses during transition stages
A career coach working with people looking to make a career change or to find their next path?
A fitness instructor looking for customers that are so busy with the day to day reality and need help to take care of themselves again
Are you a service provider: a financial adviser, an accountant, an insurance broker, a lawyer, a recruitment specialist,
A contractor looking for your new role?
An expert looking for your next Non-Executive Director role?
A business owner looking to promote the products and services to a professional audience

This is the course for you if you are willing to try some new things, to step a bit outside your comfort zone.
There are always so many things that one can do with LinkedIn, important is to have a process and a plan to make sure that you are not just wondering around without repetitive results.
Just trying on your own without a structure might make you look like a spammer, might take a lot of time before you see results, and might even make you lose a lot of time.
I have designed this course so every student gets at the end of the programs a clear process that requires only a couple of minutes per day and consistently generates interactions between your business and the targeted customers.

What to expect from this course

This course is going to provide a guided step by step process, It is designed with the end goal in mind and is all about making you visible in the right way. 

I have created this course with the Service Providers, entrepreneurs, the coaches and trainers in mind and the aim to become visible without sounding like a wheeler-dealer aggressive sales person.

Over the years I have trained salespeople on how to use LinkedIn to build a network of customers that are converting into business. By harvesting the powers on developing relationships via LinkedIn I managed to generate hundreds of catalogue requests and demo meetings for my students.

LinkedIn is unfortunately full of spammers, full of people that will jump to a sales pitch before introducing themselves. In a real life situation, you will not approach someone and ask for their credit card. Why do it online?

Do you have any questions regarding this course? Drop me a line!

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